Anybody got the time?

Oh hey, how you doing? Please come in and feel free and make yourself at home. I wanted to start something to help me articulate the experiences and topics that I or people I have had the opportunity to meet have been and are going through in the hopes to get people talking and sharing. I'm no renowned author, or Professor of Philosophy, I'm just someone who enjoys stories, media and the chronological space known as, The 10 O'clock Block.


About the Author

Hailing from DR Congo and Rwanda, Jonathan Semugaza immigrated to Canada as a child. Along with maneuvering through new cities, juggling traditions, cultures and a new language it was  clear that one thing remained constant, community. It was not until his early years of university that this concept would reveal itself to be the introspective lighthouse of his life. The idea of the 10 O'Clock Block is the amalgamation of this concept. Whether you are at work, sleeping in, having dinner with loved ones or getting into trouble with your friends, 10:00 a.m. and its respective 10:00 p.m. counterpart brings out a sense of balance with the known and the unknown; a sense of security and stability, being perfectly accompanied by the idea that everything is where it needs to be and that anything is possible.

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